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Legal, Financial and Medical


Understanding regional differences

Translating legal documents from Europe and Latin America requires an understanding of the differences in legal systems and legal concepts, and how best to express them in the target language.

Aware Translations founder Ella Rich applies her training as a technical translator to researching and translating complex legal documents. Recent projects include:

  • Pharmaceutical regulation

  • Hague Convention child abduction documents

  • Interjurisdictional child custody documents

  • Regulation of temporary employment agencies and corresponding corporate policy




Reflecting an ever-changing scenario


The global economic scenario changes at lightning speed. Ella studies and researches the subject area on an ongoing basis to master the micro- and macroeconomic conditions impacting investment decisions worldwide.


Ella routinely provides translation support to a Top 20 bank and other financial sector clients. Recent projects include:

  • Financial market reports

  • Financial fraud litigation background documents

  • ICLAAP regulation

  • Corporate financial statements



Conveying your message precisely


Translating medical texts requires research skills for investigating unknown terms and an ability to work with professionals in a range of job categories. Ella specializes in untangling technically dense language to get to the heart of your message.

In the University College London Master of Science program in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation, Ella developed the skills needed to handle your scientific and medical texts expertly. Recent projects include:

• Continuing medical education videos
• Neurocognitive software
• Clinical trial patient records
• Private clinic website





I translate exclusively into English, my native language, and exclusively in my subject matters of expertise. This ensures a clear, precise, professional text that reads as though it were originally written by a native English speaker.

Back Translation

If your customer-facing applications and marketing materials have been translated or localized from English into Spanish, Portuguese or French, I offer back translation into English for an extra layer of quality control that ensures the intended message is accurately reflected.

Revision of Non-Native English

I offer revision of academic articles to be submitted for publication and conference presentations for attorneys, financial professionals, physicians and researchers whose first language is not English.


Certified Translator, Spanish into English,  American Translators Association   


ITI Qualified Member, Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK)

about Ella

Ella Rich, ATA and ITI certified Spanish into English translator, reviser and owner, Aware Translations

Ella has worked as a language professional for more than 20 years as a teacher, translator, writer and media analyst for the US government, US law firms, a Top 20 bank, pharmaceutical companies, a multinational software corporation and book publishers.

Ella was born and raised in the US, where she obtained a BS, MA and PhD in Spanish. Ella taught Spanish at Indiana University for six years before moving into translation-oriented roles in the US and UK. She holds an MSc in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation (Distinction) from University College London. Ella is certified by the American Translators Association and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK) in the language pair Spanish into English.

Ella donates her skills and expertise to Translators Without Borders, where she works on translating and proofreading texts for NGOs and serves as a senior screener of potential translators in all of her language combinations (Spanish, Portuguese and French into US and UK English).

Here’s what Ella’s clients and colleagues have to say:

  • “Very accurate.”

  • “Excellent.”

  • “Highly professional standard.”

  • “Hard to believe this piece was produced under [rush] conditions.”

  • “Wow, you are awesome! Thank you so much!!”

  • “Thank you for the rolling deliveries. You rock!”

  • “Ella is always open to improving her skills and is mainly concerned with the client’s needs. In this way, whenever there has been a query with a translation, she rectifies the issue immediately.”

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